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6 Heartwarming Meals to Cook on Rainy Days

    Meals to Cook on Rainy Days

    Many people in the Philippines consider rainy days to be a blessing. Some people will put on their hoodies or blankets to stay warm while reading and drinking their favorite hot beverage.

    For some, rain is a gift from nature that allows plants and crops to develop. Farmers are overjoyed to have bumper harvests at the conclusion of the season, which means more food will be produced and delivered to a greater number of homes.

    Food is another blessing that helps us to appreciate life and its opportunities in addition to the abundant harvest and pleasant weather.

    This rainy season, try these six delicious and pleasant foods with your family:

    Soup with Chicken Macaroni

    Sopas, or chicken macaroni soup, is a traditional Filipino dish served during the winter months. It’s a Filipino take on chicken noodle soup that’s frequently prepared for sick people or those who need a pick-me-up on rainy days.

    Because of its therapeutic and mood-enhancing effects, chicken soup is known as “meal for the soul.”

    Chicken macaroni soup is not only tasty but also simple to prepare. You can make a tasty and healthy soup for you and your family with just a few simple items like chicken breast, elbow macaroni, carrots, salt, and pepper.


    Bulalo, or oxtail and bone broth, is a traditional delicacy from Tagaytay City, which is both cold and attractive. Its success prompted the creation of bulalo restaurants throughout the CALABARZON region.

    Residents of Camella Lessandra Calamba can enjoy the warm and delicious broth by visiting neighboring bulalo restaurants.

    Bulalo soup is enhanced by the soft meat and bone marrow, which provide taste and texture to the overall dish.

    Pechay, cabbage, maize, and potatoes, for example, provide flavor and nutrition to the broth. Bulalo is a hearty, nutritious food that is healthy for your skin, bones, teeth, and overall health.

    Bilo-bilo Ginataang

    Do you have a strong desire for both sweets and spicy foods? Ginataang bilo-bilo is the dish to order. Consider it a hotter version of halo-halo.

    Even without the ice cream and shaved ice, ginataang bilo-bilo can provide the comfort and sweetness you need to get through a dreary day.

    Because you’ll be rolling small balls of dough, making ginataang bilo-bilo can be time-consuming at first. Your efforts, however, will be rewarded when you serve a sweet dessert with soft dough balls, white pearls, and sweet potatoes to your family.

    Caldo Arroz

    Make Arroz Caldo to spice up your ordinary rice porridge, or lugaw. It’s thicker and richer than regular lugaw since it’s made with sticky glutinous rice. It also contains chicken, which makes it more flavorful and nutritious.

    Arroz Caldo is a delicious way to overcome hunger and the cold. To make your oatmeal more delicious and savory, add some black pepper and spring onions.


    Many Filipinos enjoy champorado, a rice porridge meal. It’s cooked from sticky glutinous rice, just like Arroz Caldo.

    Champorado, on the other hand, is created with chocolate, sugar, and milk instead of chicken and other seasonings. (Or Ube)

    Champorado is a delicious breakfast and snack option. Some people eat it with salty dried fish. It’s also delicious eaten plain with a sprinkle of powdered milk.

    Ramen with Peppers

    Catching up on your favorite K-drama is perfect during the rainy season. What better way to combine your love of Korean pop culture with classic ramen? It’s simple to make because all you have to do is cook the noodles and ingredients in boiling water.

    Add sausages, eggs, seaweed sheets, cheese, and Korean rice cakes to boost the flavor and nutritional content of your ramen.

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