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Chinese Lemon Chicken Recipe

    Chinese Lemon Chicken Recipe

    It just takes half an hour to prepare this mouthwatering Chinese lemon chicken dish, which features a coating that is unbelievably flavorful and crispy, and is topped with a delectable lemon sauce. This is a tried-and-true Chinese takeout recipe, but it’s so simple that you can make it at home!

    Recipe for Chinese Chicken with Lemon

    The Chinese Lemon Chicken is such a traditional dish, and it is almost as popular as the Orange Chicken takeout option. But if I had to choose only one, it would probably be this chicken with lemon. It’s delicious. I’m referring to a coating that is incredibly crunchy and a lemon sauce that is absolutely irresistible. It’s a match made in heaven when you put the two of them together!

    This lemon chicken is served with a generous amount of sauce, and that sauce is an absolutely delectable lemon sauce that also has a touch of sweetness added to it. However, the coating on this chicken meal is extremely crispy, making it the dish’s standout feature; therefore, you should continue reading in order to learn how to make it.

    The Components That You Will Require


    For this dish, I’ll be utilizing chicken breasts that have been cut in half to create a more manageable width. Thighs of boneless chicken also work well here.


    In order to better ensure that the flour and cornstarch mixture adheres to the chicken pieces, we will use two large eggs.


    To taste, salt and pepper is included.

    Oil from Olives:

    Either regular or extra virgin will do the trick.

    Starch from corn and flour:

    In addition to adding thickness to our lemon sauce using it, this is also the secret ingredient that I use to coat the chicken in before cooking it. When we mixed some flour and cornstarch together, we were able to create a coating that was quite crispy for our breast fillets.


    In order to maintain complete control over the amount of sodium that my body absorbs from this recipe, I always make sure to use unsalted butter.


    The first lemon will be used to make wedges, while the second will be squeezed for its juice.


    Sugar in its natural granulated form works quite well.


    For this recipe, my go-to choice is to make it with low-sodium chicken broth.

    Leeks with Green Tops:

    They are to be chopped up roughly and used as a garnish for the finished dish.

    How To Make Chicken With Chinese Lemon Seasoning

    Make sure the chicken is ready.

    You should butterfly the chicken breasts so that you end up with two thinner pieces from each breast. This is done by cutting them in half lengthwise. In a wide-mouthed basin, whisk together the eggs with the salt and pepper. In a separate bowl, mix together the half cup of cornstarch and the flour in a thorough manner. First, dredge the chicken in the beaten egg, and then pass it through the flour mixture.

    preparing your chicken to be cooked.

    In a large skillet, bring the olive oil to a temperature of medium heat. Fry the chicken in the skillet for three to four minutes on each side, or until it is golden brown and crispy, depending on how many pieces of chicken you can fit. Place the chicken on a dish covered with paper towels, then repeat the process with the remaining chicken.

    Preparing the Sauce

    Remove all of the oil that was left in the skillet. To the hot skillet, add the butter, and let it to melt. Add the lemon juice, sugar, chicken broth, a quarter teaspoon of salt, and one tablespoon of cornstarch. Stir to combine. Combine everything in a bowl using a whisk and then simmer it over low heat until the sauce has thickened and become smooth.

    Prepared to Be Served

    After you have sliced the chicken into thin strips, cover it with the lemon sauce. Include rice in the serving.

    Keeping Lemon Chicken That Has Been Leftover


    Keep any leftover chicken marinated in lemon in a jar that seals tightly in the refrigerator for up to five days.


    You may store this in an airtight jar in the freezer for up to three months. Before reheating in the oven, on the stove, or in the microwave, you should first let the frozen food thaw overnight in the refrigerator.

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