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How Self-Sufficiency Is the Best Safety Net for Your Family

    How Self-Sufficiency Is the Best Safety Net for Your Family

    If previous natural disasters have taught us anything, it’s that the more self-sufficient folks are, the better they fare when Mother Nature strikes. Homesteading is the practice of pursuing self-sufficiency as a way of life.

    Have you ever noticed how, in the aftermath of unanticipated and terrible shocks to contemporary life, homesteaders frequently emerge as everyday heroes? I’m sure I have.

    Homesteaders in action can be seen in the Cajun navy. These are people whose self-sufficiency skills enabled them to reach out and aid others in need even in the most dire of situations.

    Why are you interested in homesteading?

    Let’s look at the top 7 reasons why homesteading is getting more popular nowadays, regardless of whether a family lives in the country or the city. Indeed, as our society modernizes and becomes more reliant on technology, conventional life skills become increasingly important.

    Things happen.

    Snowstorms, hurricanes, and other natural disasters abound. Long-term power outages Trees have fallen. The less it HURTS and the more you can HELP others, the better prepared and skilled you are.

    Life-long abilities.

    Homesteading instills work ethic, problem-solving, tool use, and a range of other abilities, especially in children. It’s also the most effective and enjoyable way to study! From growing broccoli to repairing brakes, steading develops life skills that cannot be replaced. These are abilities that youngsters can use throughout their life as a safety net.

    It’s really lovely!

    Homesteaders transform resource-depleted places into resource-rich havens. Homesteading can help you save money and time while making your land more livable! In today’s world, a homestead can be a haven, a place to renew mind, body, soul, and even your microbiota!

    Basic Education

    According to recent surveys, many Americans are unaware of not just where their food originates from, but also how it grows! Children (and adults!) who believe that potatoes grow on trees and poultry poop tomatoes are chevaliers! “My eggs come from Kroger,” a coworker once told me, disgusted at hearing that her eggs were from chickens.

    Developing an appreciation for real food and farmers should begin at home, perhaps on your backyard or back porch. Even the most urban or apartment dweller may appreciate the beauty and utility of growing food and repurposing space.

    Do things the old-fashioned way.

    The majority of Americans spend money (a lot of money!) on exercise. Seriously, homesteaders get everything for free. We get it beneath beautiful sunrises while collecting fresh eggs and herbs, smelling exquisite flowers and fragrant plants, and listening to the birds and bees pollinate our plants, rather than in crowded indoor gyms with stale air at five or six a.m. before work.

    It’s a completely free aspect of the homesteading experience; no monthly fees are necessary, and all you need is a backyard or a quarter acre or more!


    Are your finances suddenly strained? Job loss without warning? Such events can be devastating, or at the very least, extremely stressful, when you don’t have any slack in your system.

    Things don’t seem so awful when you have a garden full of food, a cellar full of food, and a vast stack of firewood to heat and cook with. Many families we know (including ours) have overcome adversity because homesteading has protected us from the shocks and anxieties of unexpected, even catastrophic financial shifts.


    The more people in a community who have skills, cultivate food, capture rainwater, have gardens, and so on, the better equipped that community will be to look after itself and others during difficult times.

    When things go wrong, both for themselves and for others, homesteaders become part of the solution rather than the issue. When things are rough, we want to be the kind of people who can help our neighbors near and far. Let’s face it, homesteaders, like the Cajun Navy after Hurricanes Katrina and Harvey, may be true daily heroes.

    These are just some of the reasons why you should consider being a Steader, whether you live in the city, the country, or somewhere in between. Because that is what Steader is all about: giving you, your family, and your community the tools they need to live abundantly no matter what life throws at them.

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