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Magnolia Bakery Launches New Banana Pudding Cookie

    Magnolia Bakery Launches New Banana Pudding Cookie

    Magnolia Bakery first opened its little New York City shop in 1996, and it has since gained a cult following because to its famous banana pudding. Tourists and locals alike queue in lines around the block to buy some, and the item is the most popular on the bakery’s website. The thick layers of creamy vanilla pudding, fresh bananas, and soft vanilla wafers are absolutely decadent. However, if you’ve ever wondered how Magnolia Bakery’s famed dessert could be improved, now you know.

    Magnolia Bakery’s new banana pudding cookie, which features everything you love about the cult favourite dessert in cookie shape, is now available exclusively on Delish. Yes, it’s true!

    “I wanted the banana flavour to stand out,” Lloyd explained.

    To test Lloyd’s method, we got our hands on both the original banana pudding and the new biscuit. The verdict: Magnolia Bakery’s pudding recipe is delicious, but the banana pudding cookie elevates the basic flavour. Each cookie is jam-packed with crushed vanilla wafers and mashed banana, perfectly capturing the sweetness of banana pudding. Crunchy white chocolate bits provide a fantastic tactile surprise.

    Plus, if the vanilla wafers in the original banana pudding are your favourite part, you’ll appreciate the toasted flavour of the banana pudding cookie. It tastes like handmade banana bread, but with more mix-ins and a wonderful chew.

    Interested in getting your hands on some? Starting May 9th, the banana pudding cookies will be available in stores and online for national shipping. They’re $25 for a box of six, so go ahead and order some now!

    Bobbie Lloyd, CEO and Chief Baking Officer, spent six months honing the recipe to ensure it was as good as the original. Her strategy? To test how close she could get each bite of a cookie to a tablespoon of pudding.

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