10 Controversial Secrets About

Olive Garden's Food

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It's said Olive Garden's chicken isn't real.

All across the board, they changed their chicken about six years ago from good chicken to chicken that's not so great, Newsweek reported the former employee said.

Olive Garden reportedly uses "mystery cheeses."

Also, mystery cheeses, all across the board," the former employee's been quoted as having said.

There are allegedly bugs in Olive Garden's salads..?

This former Olive Garden employee apparently said so:  There's always caterpillars and spiders that we have to pull out of the salad mix

And on Olive Garden servers…

"Servers, all day long, are picking toppings with their fingers out of there and eating it. It's just the way it is."

On Olive Garden server hygiene…

The longtime Olive Garden employee is quoted saying:  They took sanitizing wipes away from the Olive Garden servers, so the majority of them aren't sanitizing or even bothering to wash their hands.

The soda machines may be… sluggish.

We actually had to knock slugs off before we filled up sodas, and our managers just said there was nothing we could really do about it.

The former Olive Garden server on nutrition facts…

It's said she called out "the amount of gluten, sodium and calories that are in each meal" as reasons some customers don't feel great after eating.

One Olive Garden menu item seems to be her least favorite of all.

If you really wanna s**t, get the chicken scampi, thank me later," the longtime Olive Garden employee's been quoted saying. 

Olive Garden's food isn't made from scratch?

Yes, they do use a microwave," the former server is said to have alleged about Olive Garden. 

The good news? Stick to the sticks, she says.

The breadsticks aren't frozen. "For the people saying their breadsticks are frozen, their breadsticks are actually not frozen.

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