10 Most Toxic Ingredients Lurking in Fast Food


Natural Beef Flavor

The natural beef flavour in McDonald's World Famous Fries is manufactured with hydrolyzed wheat and hydrolyzed milk as the primary ingredients.

Potassium Bromate

This ingredient, sometimes known as bromate, is added to recipes to improve the texture and rise of flour.

Propylene Glycol

Soft beverages, marinades, dressings, seasonings, baked goods, frostings, and frozen dairy products all contain propylene glycol.


To avoid deterioration in oils and fats, fast-food restaurants' fried meals and snacks are likely to add the preservative tertiary butylhydroquinone, or TBHQ.

Calcium Sulfate

This colourless chemical, which is used in rolls and baked goods as an anti-caking agent and dough strengthener, does deliver some calcium to foods, according to Cording.

Phosphate Additives

This food additive is commonly found in soda, flavoured drinks, packaged meat, processed cheese, and chicken nuggets, to name a few examples.


Butylated hydroxytoluene is a lab-made substance that is used to keep food fresh.

Propyl gallate

Propyl gallate is an artificial element in corn goods, pork products, and mayonnaise. It is a food preservative used to delay food decomposition and improve shelf life in oils.


Since the chemicals employed in the processing materials can leak into the meals, food packaging has been a source of concern.


Per- and polyfluoroalkyl compounds are fluorine-based chemicals found in fast-food packaging that have been linked to cancer, fertility problems, low birth weight, and a compromised immune system.

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