11 Most Popular Lies Restaurant Servers Admit to Telling Customers

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The #1 lie servers tell their clients is that they're "doing fantastic!" "Good" Fine.

I'm doing great!


Many servers blamed their blunders on the cooks on Reddit. If a server forgot to submit an order, they'd pretend they found it was wrong when they picked it up.

The kitchen got your order wrong!


When shifts grew busy, one waitress and her coworkers agreed to lie about the milkshake machine being damaged because hand-dipped milkshakes took too long.

Sorry, the milkshake machine is broken


Servers and hosts almost always advertise the table they're escorting their guests to as one of the best seats in the house, when it's often the sole seat in the house or in their sector.

I have a great table for you!


People responding to an ETNT Facebook poll and many Reddit discussions said they wouldn't use the keg-change excuse for a late beverage. Which is a believable lie.

We just need to switch the keg


Many Redditors said they told consumers they were new to the job and in training after their training term ended and after they were experienced.

I'm in training


According to current and past servers on Facebook and Reddit, servers almost always thanked impolite, finicky, or demanding customers.

It was a pleasure serving you!


According to servers on Reddit, many diners give comments on how to improve a meal, yet 0% of servers take these ideas to the kitchen.

I'll take your suggestion to the chef


Most servers haven't tasted everything on the menu, but they'll tell you their favorite dish is one of the more expensive ones.

Well, my favorite thing on the menu…


According to our Facebook poll, if a waitress says the restaurant is short-staffed or the kitchen is backed up, they probably neglected to enter your order.

Sorry, we're short-staffed tonight


Many servers stated on Reddit that they provide wine recommendations while knowing nothing.

Oh, this wine will be perfect with that!


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