11 Secrets KFC Doesn't Want You to Know

The idea for KFC started in a gas station.

Realised in 1939 that pressure cookers could help him perfect his quick-frying chicken, which was covered with a blend of 11 herbs and spices that he kept to himself.

Colonel Sanders took aim at a business rival.

Sanders was an aggressive marketer who painted advertising signs on structures miles away from his petrol station turned restaurant.

White pepper might be the secret to KFC's recipe.

The inclusion of white pepper is rare, and the flavour profile stated in the recipe does resemble the flavours of KFC's renowned chicken, even though we can't be certain it's the authentic recipe.

They serve chicken gizzards.

Gizzards, a muscle in a chicken's digestive tract that contains all the dirt they take up when they peck on the ground, are not for the faint of heart.

There's a hack for ordering the discontinued Double Down Sandwich.

There is no longer a Double Down sandwich on the KFC menu, which had bacon, sliced cheese, and the Colonel's Special Sauce between two fried chicken fillets.

KFC doesn't want you to think about the chicken being fried.

The name change, which took place in 1991, was a part of a branding effort to try to make the company sound healthier by dropping the word "fried."

The founder of Wendy's actually came up with the famous chicken bucket.

KFC once offered a fried chicken prom corsage.

You can turn your KFC biscuits into tasty sliders.

You can get fish donuts and shrimp stars (just not in the U.S.)

Skip the KFC Bowl if you're trying to eat healthy.

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