11 Worst Breads to Stay Away

Although classic white bread brings back memories of childhood, you should avoid it if you need to eat healthily, especially if it's a loaf of Wonder Bread's Classic White.

Wonder Bread, Classic White


These rolls could add some unnecessary empty calories to your next meal with their two grammes of fat and five grammes of sugar per serving.

King's Hawaiian Sweet Rolls


You can be sure your bread will include a substantial amount of carbohydrates if its main selling point is cinnamon sugar.

Martin's Cinnamon Sugar Swirl Bread


Although potato bread sounds great, it is less than ideal if you want to feel full because each serving of Martin's classic loaf has only a paltry one gramme of fibre.

Martin's Potato Bread


Although Dave's Killer Bread is advertised as a bread alternative for health-conscious consumers, not all of its products measure up to that reputation.

Dave's Killer Bread, Raisin' The Roof


Each dish has just two grammes of fibre in addition to a shocking 125 mg of salt and six additional grammes of sugar.

Vermont Bread Company, Wheat Cinnamon Raisin


With each serving of Bimbo's Soft White Bread clocking in at 26 grammes of carbohydrates and 250 mg of salt, it elevates the poor nutrition of white bread to a new level.

Bimbo, Soft White Bread


The most unhealthy product on the market is Pepperidge Farm's Raisin Swirl Bread, which has nine grammes of sugar and 20 grammes of carbohydrates per serving.

Pepperidge Farm, Raisin Swirl Bread


When it comes to packing their white bread with carbs while reducing the amount of fibre, Pepperidge Farm doesn't hold back.

Pepperidge Farm, Hearty White Bread


With a whopping 190 mg of salt and less than one gramme of fibre in Sara Lee's version of the product, eating it will only cause you to consume poor nutrition.

Sara Lee, Texas Toast


Even though butterbread already has a dubious nutritional profile, this version of Nature's Own's less-than-wholesome type bread is one of the worst packaged breads available.

Nature's Own, Butterbread


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