4 Burger Chains With Food Quality Complaints


If you're going to indulge in a burger, you want that burger to be the best, right? Unfortunately, there are fast-food chains that miss the mark on quality and lose even their most die-hard fans.

Ingredients can make or break a dish, from thin, flavourless patties to chewy buns. And the sad reality is that some burger joints are woefully inadequate in terms of food quality.

White Castle

On iwaspoisoned.com, a slew of White Castle consumers have shared their heartbreaking stories about the burger restaurant.

Because White Castle says that their patties are made entirely of beef, there are a variety of ideas as to why these little burgers produce such an uproar in the stomach.

Sonic Drive-In

Hundreds of complaints from angry Sonic Drive-In customers are listed in the Complaints Department, including burnt burger buns and overdone, dry chicken.

According to Daily Choices, a former Sonic employee claimed that the chicken was frequently left out of the refrigerator for several hours before being refrigerated.

Burger King

After McDonald's, Burger King has been the second most popular burger chain in the fast-food world.

Wendy's took up the seat in 2021, and the chain lost it. Burger King's sales have been continuously declining in recent years, and its client base has shrunk.

Dairy Queen

In 20 years, Dairy Queen debuted its first new hot menu options. The new Stackburgers, on the other hand, did not get rave reviews.

Dairy Queen has hundreds of unanswered complaints on its Complaints Board, including several about food service and food poisoning.

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