4 Grocery Shortages Happening Right Now

Several items are running low on supplies due to recalls, ingredient costs, shipping delays, and supply chain issues that have persisted for over two years despite pandemic-related manufacturing problems.

These shortages aren't confined to a single section of the supermarket. They, unfortunately, affect all family members. Continue reading to learn about the grocery items that are currently difficult to come by.

Baby Formula

Families with newborns and toddlers have been unable to find formula in grocery stores for months. Following a massive recall in February, this shortage has impacted consumers across the country.

One of the largest baby formula makers in the U.S.—Abbott Nutrition—closed down one of its manufacturing plants. Over four months later it is just now opening up again, but won't be available to customers until later in June.


Women all over the country complaining online about not finding what they need and being forced to pay more to get some at places like Amazon. According to the report, the giant online retailer was charging almost $115 for a box of 18 tampons in January.

The low supply is in thanks to all the supply chain issues, of course, but also an increase in demand and the rise in the price of raw materials used to make tampons, like cotton, rayon, pulp, and plastic


In the condiment aisle things like ketchup, mustard, relish, and other backyard BBQ staples may be popular right now as Summer commences, but Sriracha How Chili Sauce also may not be available.

According to a post on Reddit in early June, Huy Fond Foods, Inc., the company that makes the sauce, recently sent out a notice in April about a chilli pepper shortage.

Wine Bottles

The good news about this shortage is that the wine itself is not facing a low supply—but the glass bottles it comes in are. And it's all because of the high raw materials costs right now.

Prices for glass wine bottles are up by around 20 percent , and varieties sold everywhere, including the grocery store, have been affected—especially from smaller wineries. This could mean higher prices down the road for shoppers, as well as lower stock.

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