4 Major Fast-Food Chains Making Drastic Changes

From biggest menu changes in brand history to investigating new technologies.

Here's a look at four major companies that are significantly altering the way they conduct business, from a brand-new set of ownership regulations to enhanced employee perks.

McDonald's and its restaurant ownership system

McDonald's upped the ante this month with a new set of restaurant ownership regulations, following the revelation of a new restaurant grading system in May.

McDonald's will consider performance history and customer complaints more heavily when deciding whether to renew and award franchise agreements, and it will also carry out more store inspections.

Subway's major menu changes

Earlier this month, the business announced its new Subway Series, a menu of 12 new sandwiches that it expects will streamline operations at its restaurants.

Although the brand is known for letting customers create their own sandwiches, Subway is moving away from customization with the new menu in an effort to improve operations and boost sales.

Starbucks' big reinvention

The business appears to be redesigning its processes from the ground up in an effort to get ready for "the altering behaviours, demands, and expectations of its partners and customers."

Chipotle's search for advanced tech

The business has also invested in labour management systems backed by AI, which will help it staff its restaurants and educate its personnel more effectively.

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