4 Most Crowded Grocery Stores 

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During the second quarter of 2022, Aldi emerged as the leader among supermarkets. When compared to pre-pandemic shopping in 2019, Placer.ai's quarterly indexes showed that Aldi had a 23.3 percent rise in consumer visits as of June.

According to statistics gathered from establishments like Albertsons, Walmart Neighborhood Market, Publix, and Whole Foods Market, the sector of grocery stores as a whole experienced growth of 2.9 percent quarter over quarter.


With a 5.1 percent increase in customer visits, Target was named the industry leader in the superstore category. Walmart came in second place and boasted a 4.7 percent increase in customer traffic.

Consumers consolidated their shopping excursions and looked for deals at retail behemoths like Walmart and Target and wholesalers like Costco, BJ's, and Sam's Club as a result of rising inflation and gas prices.

Family Dollar

Family Dollar saw the highest year-over-year rise in foot traffic in the second quarter of 2022 among all the big discount and dollar retailers, according to Placer.ai.

Family Dollar has gained popularity recently. Despite pandemic delays that have been known to negatively affect other store operations, visits to bargain retailers generally increased by 13.2 percent from the previous quarter.

Ingles Markets

Ingles Markets' Q2 profits were a worthy competitor. The southern grocer, which operates across Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina, recorded a quarterly gain.

Net income during the second quarter of fiscal 2022 increased from $52.2 million to $68.6 million. According to the study, net sales increased 16.8%, from $1.18 billion last year to $1.38 billion this year.

The end of the summer vacation has customers preparing for back-to-school shopping. As shoppers swarm toward the aisles in search of school supplies, your favourite supermarkets may start to appear more congested.

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