4 Restaurants to Try This Weekend in Los Angeles

In 1986, the first Tay Ho restaurant debuted in Little Saigon. It was among the first establishments in the area when the Vietnamese population established itself in America.

For a taste of Little Saigon in LA: Tay Ho


From the beginning, the neighborhood loved the house-special banh cuon, which are exquisite rice flour crepes stuffed with minced pork and woodear mushrooms. My relatives in San Diego also enjoyed it.

One of the most underappreciated rice bowl takeout joints is Oi Asian Fusion. Its comfortable dishes combine Filipino and other Asian flavors, and there are enough selections on the menu to keep things interesting.

For comforting takeout Asian rice bowls: Oi Asian Fusion


There are soft-boiled eggs in a pork belly adobo bowl, a ribeye bistek with fried shallots, fried eggs, and ponzu, and an umami-rich mushroom and egg dish that combines ponzu sauce with cortina cheese.

Dear Jane's shows that it takes itself seriously by using high-quality seafood in its expertly prepared dishes and by using beautifully designed nautical accents that don't overtly shout "I'm on a boat" at you.

For seafood with a side of views: Dear Jane’s


However, it doesn't shun humor; there are winks of silliness in dishes like "bougie" fish sticks with caviar on top and served with a seven-layer dip topped with roe.

Little Ethiopia is located on a main strip of Fairfax, south of Olympic, and right in the middle lies one of LA's most cherished eateries: Merkato.

For delights from one of LA’s most-respected Ethiopian creators: Merkato


It's a nearly 30-year-old restaurant, bar, and market where the staff lays awaze tibs, cabbage, fried fish, or peas on top of injera, the mushy, tasty flatbread, in addition to triangle-shaped sambusa and a variety of traditional dishes.

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