5 Breakfast Hacks that Will Make Your Day

As a mom, if there’s one thing you know is that mornings are way too short and stressful! Time flies by when you must help kids with homework, finding their shoes, or picking their outfits.Even if the morning is a little busy, you should still make time for breakfast. Breakfast is the most crucial meal of the day because it keeps you full and stimulated until lunch.

Did you know that people who skip breakfast are more at risk of health complications and weight gain? So, let’s all start the day with a healthy breakfast:

#1. Don’t fear vitamins and supplements

According to numerous post-pandemic surveys, nearly 80% of Americans rely on supplements and vitamins to complete their diets. In fact, cooking and preparation can make food less nutritious.

#2. Aim for proteins

Nutritionists recommend that a healthy breakfast contain about 30g of protein. Ideally, you want to strive for around this same amount of protein at each meal of the day. Proteins are useful to regulate blood sugar, keep you full, and manage energy expenditure.

#3. Plan your breakfast in advance

For the morning, overnight oats are a great time saver. They are incredibly quick to prepare the night before and are packed with nutrients, including proteins. You can check out this brilliant trick for flavoursome oats.

#4. Fresh fruits over juices

Fruit juices are convenient, but they are often high in sugar and additives. Therefore, you can choose a bowl of fruits in the morning to keep things quick and healthy while focusing on ingredients that are simple to prepare and eat.

#5. Smoothies or no smoothies?

Smoothies pack a tonne of goodness. However, they can be time-consuming to prepare and add to the cleanup. If you get up early enough, you can prepare simple 3 to 4 ingredients smoothies with Greek yoghurt and nut milk for protein.

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