5 Secrets To Choose the Best Watermelon

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Look for color.

Watermelons should be primarily green, but that's not the only colour to consider while shopping for one. Examine the golden patch on a watermelon's rind to verify it's ripe.

The watermelon underbelly, often referred to as the ground spot, is a colouring irregularity that appears on the underside of watermelons as a result of their previous posture while still growing on the vine.

Location is key.

You should keep an eye out for the watermelons in the produce section of the grocery store when you go watermelon shopping.

In addition to being hydrated, watermelon is also packed with important nutrients and naturally delicious without any additional sugar. Make sure your watermelon isn't stored next to the bananas when you go watermelon shopping.

Don't focus on the pattern.

According to a rumour, the stripes that form on the watermelon's rind correspond to how ripe the fruit is. But this is just plain false.

Contrary to what you might read on social media, striping does not signify ripeness. In actuality, some watermelon kinds don't even have stripes, while others have thick ones by nature.

Don't rely on stems.

A dry watermelon stem can suggest ripeness, but a green one might signal that the melon was picked too soon off the vine. But contrary to common perception, when watermelons are first picked, the stems do not always come off the plant with the fruit.

Watermelon harvesters, or "cutters," examine each melon's colour and size to assure quality and freshness before cutting it from the vine, which is a particularly labor-intensive task.

Mother Nature may still have her own agenda.

Even if you are ready to bring home the nicest watermelon, this enigmatic fruit could still deceive you. Therefore, don't be too hard on yourself if you still end up with a lemon even after using every tip to choose the greatest watermelon.

Even if you adhere to all the guidelines for selecting the greatest watermelon, Mother Nature may occasionally deceive you. Even if a watermelon meets all the criteria for the "best," you could still end up with a subpar fruit.

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