5 Tips To Lose Weight Without 

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Walk wherever and whenever you can

First off, Liu recommends walking more. Getting in some steps is a great way to burn up unwanted calories.

Increase your normal daily activity

Try to increase your movement every single day. It's been proven that keeping weight down requires being physically active. 

Track your food intake—it's easy!

If your goal is to lose weight without exercising, Liu tells us that tracking your food consumption is extremely helpful.

Drink plenty of H2O

the importance of drinking plenty of water. First off, your body requires water—and it has no cholesterol or fat.

Kick up your routine

There are other non-traditional types of exercise that can help you lose weight while having fun.

Most people typically have a few pounds they'd love to lose. The problem is that many individuals don't have the desire or time to work out

We get it—life is busy, and between working, making time for family and loved ones, and getting chores done, your time is truly precious.

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