6 Pizza Chains Most Food Quality Complaints


 Not only is it one of the unhealthiest pizza chains in the world, with certain slices that'll give nutritionists nightmares, but the company has been criticized as overpriced



 Pizza Hut, once the de facto pizzeria of Americana lore, has taken a plunge in public perception of late, becoming the number one pizza company falling out of favor with customers.

Pizza Hut


Papa Johns is a beacon of high-quality food, but this restaurant chain is one example of poor quality in other ways—namely, a lack of quality character from its disgraced ex-CEO.

Papa Johns


Considering its reputation as a food court mainstay, it's not really a surprise that Sbarro has fallen out of favor with customers in recent years.



Little Caesars has seen quite the success lately, with more customers flocking to the chain for its affordability, consistency, delivery, and generally good pizza. 

Little Caesars


Speaking of deep-dish you should avoid, look no further than Uno Pizzeria & Grill, a chain whose reputation has aged like milk.

Uno Pizzeria & Grill


When it comes to iconic American comfort foods, pizza is at the top. But just because pizza is universally adored doesn't mean discerning customers will settle for mediocrity.

If you're gonna treat yourself to a slice (or three), the pie should at least offer a bit of quality. After all, nothing squanders a cheat day quite like a lackluster frozen pie 

Some pizza chains excel at quality—going the extra mile to source reputable ingredients, make dough from scratch, opt for healthier toppings, and cook pies to order.

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