6 Worst Breakfast Habits Aging You Faster

Drinking sweetened coffee drinks

Drinking high-calorie sugary coffee drinks in the morning, such as flavoured lattes or frozen blended coffee drinks, may provide some calories from the milk.

You'll probably receive a sugar rush from the sugar and caffeine, but if you don't eat anything else, your energy levels will shortly drop.

Eating processed meats made with nitrates

Bacon and sausage are delicious breakfast meats, but they're not excellent for anti-aging.

It's fine to eat it once in a while, but it lacks fibre, is heavy in saturated fat, and contains nitrates, which can produce stress on the body and eventually contribute to ageing.

Not including antioxidant-rich foods on your plate.

You're likely missing out on plenty of vitamins and nutrients in colourful, fresh foods if your breakfast plate is composed of bland-looking dishes.

If you don't include any vegetables or fruits on your breakfast plate, you're not getting enough antioxidants.

Not having inadequate fluid intake

Hydration not only keeps your skin soft, but it also helps your body transport nutrients.

Aim for 6 to 8 cups of fluids every day," or check to see if your urine has a slight yellow colour.

Skipping breakfast all together

If you miss breakfast all day, you're probably not making the healthiest decision when it comes to ageing.

When it comes to longevity and ageing, doing this on a regular basis may not be beneficial.

Swinging through the drive-thru for breakfast

If you're going through the drive-thru every morning, it's no surprise that ordering bacon egg sandwiches and hash potatoes isn't the healthiest choice.

Make your own breakfast sandwiches or wraps at home with a whole wheat English muffin or a whole wheat tortilla, and stuff them with not only eggs but also vegetables.

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