7 Highest Quality Proteins 

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Because they contain the most accessible amino acids, eggs are the gold standard. Eggs receive a biological value score of 100, which represents how well the body absorbs protein from the diet.



As they are naturally low in saturated fat and sodium, chicken and turkey breast, when eaten without the skin, are excellent for growing and mending tissues as well as preserving lean muscle.

Skinless Poultry Breast


Because they are high in protein and naturally low in salt and saturated fat, these fatty fish are among the best sources of protein.

Salmon and Sardines


While not all plant proteins do, some do contain all nine necessary amino acids. It's crucial to have a varied diet if you're vegan or vegetarian in order to cover all your bases.

High Quality Plant Proteins


Tofu is a complete protein that is created by soaking, grinding, and crushing soybeans. The firm variety of tofu contains up to 10 grammes of protein per half-cup serving and contains all nine essential amino acids.



Pistachios, one of the snack nuts with the highest protein content, are another complete protein. They are also a wonderful source of unsaturated fat and fibre.



Despite the absence of the necessary amino acids cysteine and methionine in lentils, you should nevertheless incorporate them into your meals. They offer excellent plant protein sources.



In addition to helping to balance blood sugar and sate hunger, protein is essential for mending cells and tissues. Proteins, however, are not all created equal.

The nine amino acids found in animal proteins are known as "essential" amino acids because our bodies cannot make them; they must be obtained from our diet. These amino acids are necessary for the synthesis of proteins, hormones, and neurotransmitters.

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