7 Salad Chains That Use the

Highest Quality Ingredients

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The 550-unit salad business sets itself apart as one of the best-quality fast-casual chains in America, with strict sourcing methods, often-organic items, and distinctive salads and bowls that sing with seasonal life.



Just Salad is a health-conscious chain that not only speaks the talk but also walks the walk when it comes to climate labelling on its menu items.

Just Salad


Chopt, like Sweetgreen, was an early follower of the health-conscious fast-food fad, and has enjoyed a tremendous rise in popularity and profit in recent years, owing to its high-quality ingredients and affordable menu prices in a fast-casual style.



Crisp & Green, a salad business with a few outlets in the Minneapolis–St. Paul area, is all about serving cuisine that not only tastes good but also leaves you feeling downright holistic.

Crisp & Green


Fresh & Co., an East-Coast restaurant, has the audacity to put the word "fresh" right in its name, which says a lot about the brand. On a mission to produce "fresh, creative, and healthy meals that thrill the mind, heart, and taste," she's set out to create "fresh, creative, and healthy meals that stimulate the mind, heart, and palate."

Fresh & Co


Saladworks is altering conventional beliefs one salad bowl at a time. Most fast-food companies found within Walmart shops aren't exactly known for their healthfulness and quality.



Tender Greens, founded in California, takes the quality of its ingredients—and scratch-made recipes—so seriously that each restaurant hires its own chef, who sources materials from neighbouring farms and markets for an ever-changing menu of exquisite dishes.

Tender Greens


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