7 Things You Should Never

Keep in Your Home

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Shipping boxes begin their voyage in a warehouse, where they are placed on filthy conveyor belts, then loaded onto trucks, trains, planes, bags, and crates.

Cardboard Boxes

Why is it recommended that pregnant women avoid eating lunch meat? Everyone should avoid lunch meat that has been open for more than 5 days for the same reason.

Leaving Deli Meat in the Fridge for More Than 5 Days

You may have heard of BPA in plastics or seen BPA-free items marketed. BPA has been found in plastic items for decades, but it was only recently recognised as dangerous.

Plastic Food Storage

We have personal experience with how deadly bleach can be. Because of how intricate and potentially toxic it is to your health and body, we don't even utilise it in our cleanups.


Under the cap of aerosol cans is a mixture of hazardous chemicals that can spontaneously explode. When this occurs, the cap might cause injury or even take someone's eye out.

Aerosol Cans

Even basic household items like ammonia and bleach can be irritating to your skin and eyes. Harsh products might destroy good microorganisms and have a bad impact on your epigenetics.

Harsh Cleaning Products

Foam sponges are ubiquitous, but they're also excellent bacteria breeding grounds. While many bacteria are beneficial and healthy for us, breeding particular bacteria with the same sponge is not always a smart idea.

The Kitchen Sponge

It's not something most of us think about, but there's a lot of hidden dangers around your home that you're probably not aware of. From toxic cleaning supplies to kitchen items we use daily

Warning Signs You Have Alzheimers Right Now

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