8 Classic Orders To Try at Steakhouse

The signature steak

The steak is, of course, the most apparent thing to order at any steakhouse worth its salt. Particularly a cut that is superior than anything you might prepare at home.

The seafood appetizer

The surf is usually just as popular at steakhouses as the turf, so seafood is another traditional dish that cooks advise tasting.

The chefy potatoes

There is a reason why meat and potatoes are such a traditional combination "McCandless describes the one traditional steakhouse side that is worth ordering.

The bread basket with extra goodies

Bread is a favoured carb at steakhouses and is seen as a necessary snack by chefs. Freshly baked, with special butter, pickled vegetables, or some other added treat should be included.

The standout salad

All that grain needs to be counterbalanced with some greens, and steakhouse cooks adore a unique salad, whether it's a traditional wedge or a creative novelty.

The steak tartare

There are other cuts of beef you should order at a steakhouse besides rib-eyes and tomahawks. Steak tartare is a flavorful starter that stands out above other appetisers.

The stiff cocktails

Remember to bring drinks. Peitso notes that "A bar is a steakhouse. Drinks must be quite strong; American steakhouses typically serve 2-ounce pours.

The over-the-top desserts

Even though there are so many savoury dishes to taste, many steakhouse chefs advise reserving room for dessert.

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