8 Health Benefits from Drinking Coconut Water

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The transparent liquid contained inside coconuts is called coconut water. It differs from coconut milk, which is a concoction of grated coconut and coconut water.

According to Healthline, coconut water is extracted from unripe coconuts that are six to seven months old. Normally, it takes a coconut anything from 10 months to a full year to fully ripen.

Although there is no recommended daily intake for coconut water, those who consistently drink it should have one to two cups daily.

Coconut water has many advantages, but drinking too much of it might be dangerous. According to SF Gate, coconut water has a high salt content, so consuming a lot of it could consume most of your recommended daily intake.

People with blood pressure difficulties should consult their doctors before consuming coconut water because it may also help lower blood pressure.

Low sugar and calories

High in electrolytes like potassium

Has vitamins and minerals (vitamin C, vitamin B1, manganese and phosphorus)

No fat or cholesterol

Has calcium

May be an antioxidant

May help lower blood sugar, which can be beneficial to those with diabetes

May help prevent kidney stones

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