8 Most Questionable Meats at Popular Fast-Food Chains

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Chili, speaking of nasty mystery meats, appears to be a popular menu dish. Of course, not all chilli is odd or nasty by nature; in fact, when prepared correctly and with high-quality ingredients, it can be quite delicious.

Chili Meat at Wienerschnitzel

Wendy's is known for its chilli, so it's no surprise that Reddit has some anecdotes to offer about the fast-food company. While there have been no reports of expired ground beef or leftover hot dogs,

Hamburger Meat for Chili at Wendy's

Aside from corn syrup-infused "ice cream," Dairy Queen has plenty other non-dairy menu items to order—and worry about. The fact that they just said, "don't eat the taco meat," with no further explanation is the most troubling part.

Taco Meat at Dairy Queen

Pizza Hut, one of America's most beloved pizza restaurants, has been on a bit of a roller coaster of late, swaying back and forth between troubles and success - by "success," we mean that they've managed to halt the mass closures.

Ham at Pizza Hut

For many people, Orange Julius evokes a special form of Americana nostalgia associated with old mall food courts. It's no surprise that Orange Julius has nearly vanished from the fast-food scene.

Hot Dogs at Orange Julius

The roast beef industry in America is full with secrets. Fortunately, a former Arby's employee with a Reddit account has come forward to provide the secrets. The roast beef sandwich, the chain's staple offering, turns out to be fake.

Beef at Arby's

It was only a matter of time before Subway, a fast-food business known as much for its contentious secrets as for its sandwiches, made an all-too-prominent presence on this Reddit post.

Tuna at Subway

It's not always a problem of poor meat quality, leftover hot dogs, or compacted beef blocks. Sometimes it's as simple as committing atrocious excess.

This Burger at Friendly's

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