8 Old-Fashioned Diets That

You Should Never Follow

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The Cigarette Diet

This diet, which was popular  within the  1920s, advised people to smoke a cigarette whenever they felt hungry  rather than  actually eating food

The Sleeping Beauty Diet

In the 1960s, Sleeping Beauty wasn't just  a well-liked  fairytale character but also the name of a harmful diet. 

The Tapeworm Diet

This diet entailed consuming more food without minding if it's healthy or not as people were meant to believe ingesting tapeworms in pill form could support weight loss  no matter  the calorie intake

The Cabbage Soup Diet

The cabbage soup diet as an old-fashioned diet  that ought to  not be followed. "While the increased cabbage intake is healthful  thanks to  the fiber and antioxidant content, the diet overall is lacking in variety

The Low-Fat Diet

Chatfield shares that another old-fashioned diet trend  is that the  low-fat diet, which was big  within the  1990s. 

The Scarsdale Diet

The Scarsdale Diet, which was popular  within the  X,  may be a  diet in which you only eat 1,000 calories  every day  no matter your size or how active you are. 

Atkins Diet

A popular fad diet of the 1970s, the Atkins diet is one  you'll  also want to steer clear of. "The Atkins diet was a low-carb fad created by Robert Atkins  within the  '70s, yet  it's  very much still around today

The Master Cleanse

Master Cleanse has been mainstream  for many years  now, it  doesn't suggest  that it is necessarily healthy or safe.

Throughout the years, trendy diets have come and gone. But while some diets of yesterday  could seem  quite ordinary, others are  a touch  more shocking.

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