9 Secrets About Shake Shack

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Mayonnaise and ketchup are the main ingredients in the creamy orange sauce on a Shake Shack burger, plus a little more flair.

The hidden Shake Shack sauce ingredient is…pickle juice!


Yes, we are aware that Shake Shack's fries are infamous for being crinkle-cut, which isn't exactly a preferred option for lovers of fine french fries.

They have the best-tasting fast food fries.


Shake Shack was initially a modest hot dog cart that Danny Meyer, a restaurateur and the CEO of the Union Square Hospitality Group, supported before claiming its famous location in Madison Square Park.

Shake Shack started off as a hot dog cart.


Yes, it does exist! The chain actually experimented with a peanut butter bacon burger and served it twice during the history of the restaurant, according to Shake Shack's official cookbook.

You can DIY a coveted peanut butter bacon burger.


A tuna burger was one of the top choices when the Shake Shack staff began brainstorming menu options in the beginning.

The menu almost included a tuna burger.


You may order any sandwich "protein style," which substitutes a lettuce wrap for the burger bread, if you prefer to keep your meal low-carb.

You can order any burger "protein style."


Shake Shack's website lists its U.S. Animal Welfare Policy, informing consumers that the beef they use has been fed without the use of antibiotics, hormones, or animal byproducts.

They use high-quality beef.


As Shake Shack's first general manager, Carla Lalli Music, a chef and former food director at Bon Appétit, recalls the rigorous taste tests that took place during the establishment's first year of operation, which included trying a custard with a root beer float flavour.

They tried launching a root beer float flavored custard.


Order a Quad if you want to really go all out for your Shake Shack experience. Four cheese-topped patties with the standard ingredients are sandwiched between buns, exactly as it sounds.

If you really want a burger, get the Quad Burger.


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