A DoorDash Glitch Resulted In Free Food For Users

DoorDash Glitch Allowed Users To Order All The Free And Drinks They Wanted

A mistake in the meal delivery service DoorDash allowed users to order free food, alcohol, and other products, which came as a surprise to a number of users on Thursday.

The error was promptly reported on social media. On Twitter, the term "DoorDash" started to trend Thursday night and persisted well into Friday.

While some people shared their displeasure at not receiving any of the free meals, others excitedly uploaded pictures of their food and beverage purchases.

One customer apparently received a complimentary order for Don Julio Reposado tequila valued $1,949.70. In a statement, DoorDash acknowledged that there had been a problem with the way payments were processed.

The business also stated that it was striving to reverse fraudulent orders and fairly reimburse merchants.

In addition to actively rejecting fraudulent purchases, we also keep in touch with the affected merchants to make sure they receive payment for any illegitimate orders they may have received.

DoorDash did not provide any information regarding the course of action it anticipates taking, if any, against customers who placed orders during the error.

Shortly after another food-service delivery app made news, there was a brief DoorDash hiccup. Grubhub and Amazon launched a deal earlier this week in which Amazon Prime members will receive a free year of Grubhub+.

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