Aldi Name Brand Is Beating Out Costco, Trader Joe's, and Others

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The highest rate of inflation in 40 years has caused grocery buyers to alter their shopping patterns. They are choosing items that are a little less well-known than name-brand mainstays like Cheerios, Quaker Oatmeal, and Kraft Singles.

These days, trolleys are overflowing with goods from ALDI, the German budget grocery store, bearing names like Baker's Treat, Happy Farms, and Breakfast Best.

ALDI has its own private label on about 90% of all things it sells, and customers buy the most at this store chain overall.

According to recent data from Numerator, these products—which include the gluten-free brand liveGfree, organic label simply Nature, and plant-based and vegan products under the moniker Earth Grown—account for about 77.5 percent of the company's entire sales.

Many of them may be found on the weekly ALDI Finds list, which is published every week and features popular and seasonal picks.

These goods are getting more well-known and well-liked; according to the Numerator trend analysis, ALDI brands will experience the fastest growth in America between 2021 and 2022.

ALDI does, however, account for the largest portion of consumer expenditure on brand products, with other chains taking a larger proportion as well.

In fact, 41% of consumers reported increasing their purchases of private label items this year. The biggest private-label spenders were ALDI, Trader Joe's (59.4% percent), Wegmans (49.4% percent), Costco (33.5 percent), and Sam's Club (30 percent).

Since some of these private labels have developed cult followings, many grocery buyers don't view the transfer from large name brands to private-label like ALDI as "selling down."

For its brunch success, Cosmopolitan magazine featured ALDI's Mimosa Wine, while Costco's Kirkland brand and bakery division both have their own social media profiles that post updates on new products.

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