Alternative Milk Brands Ranked Worst To Best

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The market for alternative milk has grown rapidly in recent years, outpacing traditional dairy. Additionally, it isn't just a passing fad.

Today, households in America use plant-based milk substitutes almost as frequently as cow's milk, with surveys suggesting that about 33% of consumers do so on a weekly basis (via Morning Consult).

According to Foodbeast, the introduction of plant-based milks in coffee shops like Starbucks and Dunkin' has also made a difference by allowing customers to sample the products and get used to the different tastes and textures that are now available.

The world of alternative milk now offers a wide and delectable variety thanks to the rising demand. The modern purchaser, however, may find it difficult to select the ideal product because of the tantalising variety of options available.

Almond Breeze

Blue Diamond began competing in the race for alternative milk in 1998, years before many other participants (via Almond Breeze). Given its 100-year history of almond cultivation, its inclusion here is a logical fit.

The unsweetened variety has just 30 calories and 2 grammes of fat per serving. The end result would undoubtedly resemble this if you were to concoct a dairy-like beverage with as little of the undesirable ingredients and as much of the desirable ones as you could

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