Amazing Food Innovations Will Blow Your Mind

Beer from bread

Toast Ale has developed a unique method for utilising leftover bread and producing delicious beer at the same time.

Better booze-free beer

Beer without alcohol has advanced and is now tasting more and more like the real thing.

A fresh approach

A technology created by the New York-based business Farther Farms may completely alter how food is supplied and preserved.

Plant-based pork

Although burgers may have been the top priority in the booming fake meat industry, attention is now being directed toward other meats, such as pork.

Egg in a bottle

The market for vegan egg substitutes is booming, with the California startup JUST Egg leading the way.

Odorless garlic

Some individuals adore all things garlic. Some people detest garlic in its entirety.

Hard seltzer

Hard seltzers like White Claw and Truly have been quite popular in the US for a while, and their brands are now beginning to spread to other regions.

Mushroom hot chocolate

In the coming years, mushrooms are expected to be one of the most popular ingredients used to make plant-based substitute meats and, it would appear, hot "chocolate."

Macadamia nut yogurt

To create a satisfyingly creamy base for flavours like vanilla and cinnamon, berries, and mango, macadamia nut and pea protein.

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