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The chain encouraged fast food patrons to rate burgers according to their craveability in order to determine America's favourite burger in 2022.

Believe it or not, the American palate still prefers an oldie but a goodie despite all the trendy new kids on the block.

However, let's start with some of the runners-up. Burger King earned a commendable third place finish.

Customers scored the craveability of the chain's burger at 54.4 percent, placing it as a close second behind McDonald's. They noted that the Whopper was their favourite menu item and that the char on the burger patties was something special.

With a craveability rating of 61.2 percent, Krystal, a chain that has recently made considerable efforts to make a return, came in second.

Although some people might prefer a larger portion, the chain's small burgers are what bring in consumers. To maintain the sandwich's tenderness and juiciness, the slider-sized burgers are steamed.

White Castle's little square burgers have been produced the same manner for more than a century, and according to Restaurant Business, 72.4% of consumers rated them as having the most craveable burger.

White Castle makes its hamburger patties by punching holes in them and steaming them over heaps of chopped onions.

We may credit Earl Howell, a White Castle employee in 1954, for this. He wrote down his notion, and after management realised that it worked, every White Castle in America began poking five holes in their patties moving forward.

In addition, the onions tucked beneath the burger patties play a crucial part in the craveability of the sandwich by flavouring and steaming the meat.

Because they can hold a lot of water, onions produce a lot of steam when heated. The holes in the patties allow the steam to cook the burger evenly on the interior and outside.

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