Amy's Kitchen Closes Factory

This Popular Frozen Food Company Is Now Struggling After Facing Major Backlash From Its Employees. Allegations include multiple workplace injuries at the family-run company.

The frozen food section has long been filled with nonperishable products for busy customers.

Among the various foods with dubious components, one brand has always been healthier and more convenient. Amy's Kitchen is 35 years old.

Due to rising frozen food prices and inflation, people are attempting to save. Organic, non-GMO foods are often cut.

This, combined with harsh economic conditions and high ingredient costs, has pushed Amy's Kitchen to close its San Jose, Calif., plant on July 18, with an official shutdown on September 16.

The factory's dangerous circumstances were uncovered months ago.

According to employees who have spoken out, Amy's forced wounded workers to finish shifts on production lines at increasing paces throughout COVID-19's lockdown period, downplayed injuries, denied breaks, and didn't offer clean drinking water, among other harmful practises.

Post-pandemic, frozen food sales have declined and consumer expenditure has reversed. Before July 18, the factory lost $1 million per month.

Food Empowerment Project, Veggie Mijas, and former Amy's employees urged grocery shops to pull their products in April. Eater reports some did.

This dessert is being pulled from 35 states.

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