Another Beloved Cereal Is Making People Sick

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Following hundreds of allegations that Lucky Charms was making people sick, a new General Mills cereal is being blamed for causing new incidents of food poisoning. This time, it's a brand known for feeding newborns.

In the week since June 3, people around the country have reported feeling unwell after eating a bowl of Cheerios cereal, according to over 30 claims on

Customers have reported experiencing some of the same gastrointestinal difficulties as those who have reported becoming sick after eating Lucky Charms. Nausea, diarrhoea, vomiting, and other stomach-related issues are common in both situations.

Cheerios' parent firm, General Mills, notified the New York Post on June 9 that it was "investigating this situation" after receiving consumer complaints about the cereal.

Cheerios are intended for little fingers, according to the Cheerios website, thus weaning babies on the cereal can help with the development of fine motor skills, self-feeding independence, and mastering the pincer grip method.

Over two dozen sicknesses linked to the cereal have been reported, just as baby formula shortages continue to plague supermarket shops across the country.

Over 500 people have reported illnesses from Lucky Charms in the last month on, prompting the addition of another cereal as a possible source of foodborne illness.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has launched an investigation into the complaints, although no recall has been issued for any of the cereals.

In response to accusations of diseases tied to Lucky Charms, the business told the New York Post in early April that it is aware of the reports but that an internal inquiry found no evidence of illness linked to the cereal.

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