Avoid These Items From Kohl’s at All Costs

In general, novelty and entertainment-themed apparel should be avoided unless created by the studio, although Kohl's enormous selection can tempt you.

Novelty Clothing

One reviewer referred to it as "flat flat flat," and it appears that this is the main problem. These Stratton Home Decor Tweed Throw Pillows are tiny and flat, which is just what you want if you're using throw pillows to decorate your couch.

Some Tweed Throw Pillows

We won't pretend to understand why someone would spend $85 on a tiny nativity scene, but if you saw how tiny they are, chances are you'd feel the same way as the other reviews.

This Reasonably Priced 11-Piece Nativity Set

Some people might find it confusing to refer to a single piece of wood as a "3-piece set," but that is only because it is a complete fabrication.

A 3-Piece Shelf Set That Is Actually Only 1 Piece

About all you need to read to get a sense of what consumers think of these Android tablets is "true crap."

The Slow-and-Steady Android Tablet

This is a mess, starting with the inability to determine what mode the radio is in and continuing all the way to the inability to turn it off without removing the battery.

A Nice, Modern, Portable Radio

Doesn't work half the time, according to one reviewer. Another says, "It will not set a code." Not like James Bond, you. Obtain a standard handle.

This Fingerprint-Based Door Handle

Even trusted companies like Shark aren't safe from the barrage of complaints about awful products to purchase at Kohl's.

A Shark Upright Vacuum

8 Things You Should Never Buy at Sam’s Club

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