Barbecue Chain Lowering Prices On Most Popular Menu Items

With restaurants adjusting prices in the past year to keep pace with inflation, meaningful price decreases are currently few and far between.

This makes one barbecue chain's decision to lower pricing unique in the fast-casual sector. attempting to give them more for their money.

Mighty Quinn's, an East Coast chain restaurant, is offering them a roughly 9% discount on two of its most well-liked menu items.

For instance, the popular 2-meat sampler with brisket will be reduced from $20 to $18, and the overall price reductions will reduce inflation-related hikes by around half.

Early in 2022, Mighty Quinn's, like other chains, had to raise its menu pricing in reaction to the highest inflation rate in 40 years.

However, the company hopes to pass the savings on to customers as the price of meat goods starts to level off.

With the price cuts, the restaurant, which has locations in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Florida, hopes to differentiate itself from the fast-casual competition.

Companies occasionally exploit the fact that everyone else is raising prices in these high inflation settings as a justification for doing the same.

The burger company Red Robin made a sensation on Monday with its new $10 meal deal, while Wingstop hinted last month that it was thinking about passing savings on to customers.

Mighty Quinn's may even be planning further price cuts, but for the time being, the restaurant chain is only keeping an eye on the competition in the hopes that customers will find the current prices to be just perfect.

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