Best Cheese for Preventing Osteoporosis

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Approximately 54 million Americans and 200 million individuals worldwide are considered to have osteoporosis, a condition that can weaken bones and result in painful fractures or ugly breaks.

Thankfully, there are certain actions you may do and nutrients you can consume to help prevent osteoporosis. Making a specific type of cheese a regular component of your diet falls under this category.

In a recent study, 66 women were divided into two groups and instructed to consume either two ounces of Camembert cheese during a randomised clinical trial. The results of the study were recently published in the BMJ Nutrition, Prevention & Health journal.

They were instructed to consume the designated cheese for six weeks before switching to the other cheese for an additional six weeks.

Blood testing and consideration of many factors led the study's authors to the conclusion that consuming Jarlsberg cheese helped to prevent bones from growing thinner.

Furthermore, although the lipid and protein contents of Jarlsberg and Camembert are comparable, Jarlsberg "is high in vitamin K2, which may promote bone health in addition to calcium and vitamin D." As a result, Jarlsberg cheese may aid in the prevention of osteoporosis.

Dr. Young has a mouthwatering idea for using Jarlsberg cheese in your regular diet, suggesting, "Choose a slice of Jarlsberg instead of a piece of toast with butter. Add a slice of tomato on top, then toast it." Yum!

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