Best Deals at Kroger in October 2022

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Shoppers may get the boxes even cheaper by using a digital coupon that offers $1 off when you purchase two boxes of General Mills cereal, according to grocery blogger Kroger Krazy.

General Mills and Kellogg's Cereals


Blogger Kroger Krazy also made a point of highlighting the supermarket's current Kraft Mayo promotion.

Kraft Mayo


Ice cream is still a household favorite even when the weather gets colder. Customers of Kroger can sate their appetites with a number of delectable discounts through October 18.

Ice Cream Varieties


When you buy at least three Mega Event goods, you can find Folgers 22.6- and 25.9-ounce canisters, Peet's Coffee 10- and 12-ounce bags, and 10-count K-Cup packs for $7.99 each.

Folgers and Peet's Coffee


At Kroger, Rao's Slow-Simmered Soup is available in jars for for $2.99 each, so start the soup season off right.

Rao's Soup


Kroger is selling three 12-packs of cans or 8-packs of bottles for $14 this week. This bargain saves roughly $10 compared to regular rates.

12-Packs of Soda


Snack smart! Buy four Doritos, Tostitos Tortilla Chips, Smartfood Popcorn, Zapp's or Utz Family Size Potato Chips for $1.99 each at Kroger.

Doritos and Other Potato Chips


America's largest grocery chain carries Unilever products from Ben & Jerry's to Dove. Mix and match Kroger products to save $5 for every $15 spent.

Unilever Items


Kroger cardholders can mix and match Entemann's Cakes, Little Bites, and Donuts (Chocolate Frosted, Devil's Food, Crumb, Pumpkin, and assorted). Participants can save $6.99.

Entenmann's Baked Goods


This year's Halloween goodies may be scarce. Kroger has it and is selling it. According to the store's most recent weekly ad, Halloween sweets will be 33% off Oct. 14-16.

Halloween Candy


Avocado prices have soared this year, and consumers say Costco's quality has declined. Try Kroger's 4-count bag for $1.99–less than $0.50 per avocado.



This week Kroger has another BOGO promotion. Top Round, Bottom Round, or Eye of Round Boneless Beef Roasts are buy one, get one free for a limited time.

Boneless Beef Roast


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