Britain's biggest supermarket Tesco is putting security stickers 

A Tesco store is putting security stickers on blocks of cheese and butter that cost less than $5.

Cathedral City cheese blocks costing £4.15 ($4.96) per block and packets of Lurpak butter costing £4 without stickers were both available at the London store in Bethnal Green.

There were no security markings on either product at a larger Tesco store down the street. Insider also found that Cathedral City cheese and Lurpak butter lacked stickers at other Tesco outlets in London.

Tesco's usage of security stickers coincides with news that other British grocery companies are adding security tags and cases on common items in an effort to discourage stealing amid the rising cost of living.

Last week, a picture posted on Twitter showed blocks of cheese from Aldi's Essentials line with tags on at a location in Wolverhampton, and another showed tubs of Lurpak at an Asda location close to Newcastle with security labels on them.

Insider went to several supermarkets in the London area and discovered that some of the Sainsbury's stores had placed security stickers, tags, and boxes on a variety of items, including pregnancy tests, thrush cream, Cadbury chocolate, toothpaste, and boxes.

Despite not routinely labelling Lurpak, an Asda representative told Insider that "one store has probably had some of this goods stolen recently and has decided to add tags on the rest to guarantee they don't also get stolen."

Similar to this, a Sainsbury's spokeswoman told Insider that different stores may decide to tag different items.

Security tags are frequently used by supermarkets on expensive commodities like wine, video games, meat, and batteries, but they are rarely used on standard household goods.

The news that supermarkets are labelling more products comes at a time when inflation is increasing, which is thought to be causing a rise in retail theft.

According to the Office for National Statistics, the cost of food and non-alcoholic beverages in the UK climbed by 8.7 percent in the year ending May 2022 and by 1.5 percent just between April and May.

More ordinary, low-cost items are being targeted by shoplifters, according to one store manager who spoke with the UK trade newspaper The Grocer. Another manager claimed an elderly customer tried to steal shampoo and washing powder.

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