Burger King Cheesy Tots Are Back Select Locations

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Although Burger King isn't known for its sides, people like pairing one particular food with the chain's meals. It's made of potatoes, but it's not a fry, and it's tasty and cheesy, so that should give you a hint.

Of course, we're referring about BK's Cheesy Tots, a seasonal delight that only occasionally appears each year. Fans are thrilled each time it does.

The popular tots are now available at a few Burger King stores in Arizona, Colorado, New York, and Florida, so those fans may rejoice once more. For a suggested price of $4.98, 8-piece orders of these are offered.

The last time we saw the tots was in 2021, when they made a two-year break from the menu and then came back. They've actually always been sporadic.

Fans were complaining loudly to Burger King when they were removed from the menu ten years ago.

Even on Facebook, there is a group called "Bring Back the Cheesy Tots from Burger King," which began as a plea for their restoration and is now informing its members of the existence of the momentary promotion.

The Cheesy Tots rank right up there with some of the worse sides you may order with your Whopper, despite not being quite as calorie-dense as the fast food chain's fries. They include 15 grammes of fat, 316 calories, and over 800 milligrammes of salt.

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