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We were all wearing bell bottom pants and enjoying Marvin Gaye and The Beatles at Yumbo's peak, which began in 1968.


Given how much these Bacon Cheesy Tots resemble another Burger King favourite, Cheesy Tots, you might assume you recognise them from last year. The background of Cheesy Tots is as follows.

Bacon Cheesy Tots

A spectacular occurrence occurred in 2010 when Burger King introduced bone-in pork ribs, a delicacy that is typically only tried by barbecue restaurants.

BK Fire-Grilled Ribs

As part of its "Summer BBQ Menu," Burger King tested a sandwich with a juicy, boneless rib patty, sweet and tangy barbecue sauce, and gherkins on a toasted, artisan bun.

Rib Sandwich

Memphis grits The "Summer BBQ Menu" also includes pulled pork, which is stuffed onto an artisan bun with braised pork combined with BK's Memphis BBQ sauce, sliced onions, and sweet Southern dressing.

Memphis BBQ Pulled Pork

Burger King's beef hot dog, dubbed "the Whopper of hot dogs," came in two delectable varieties: Classic, which included mustard, ketchup, relish, and onions; and Chilli Cheese, which included the same components plus Cheddar and chilli.

Whopper Dog

The name fit perfectly. This breakfast item from 2005 was gigantic. consists of two scrambled eggs, cheese, bacon, and sausage on a lengthy sesame seed roll.

Enormous Omelette Sandwich

When Burger King introduced its sour and sweet Frozen Lemonade and Frozen Strawberry Lemonade between the summers of 2012 and 2014, it believed this.

Frozen Classic Lemonade and Frozen Strawberry Lemonade

Fast food restaurants were not exempt from the 2010s' widespread popularity of the bright orange dish that was marketed as a "nutritious option."

Sweet Potato Fries

Sparkling Wine vs. Champagne