Burger King Replacing Long-Standing Value Deal Customers Are Not Happy

Burger King is one of the chains that has been doing away with value to make room for more premium offerings. 

Customers are still dissatisfied with the company's decision to phase out paper coupons, which it announced last year.

By removing the Whopper from the Two for $5 promotion in February, the restaurant proceeded to implement its new policy of limiting the number of promotions it offers. And just now, the well-liked transaction itself is in jeopardy.

Burger King, according to Chew Boom, is replacing its long-running $5 Mix n' Match promotion with a comparable, albeit slightly more expensive, offer.

The Impossible King, Big King, Big Fish, Original Chicken Sandwich, and Single Quarter Pound King are among the sandwiches available on the new value menu, which is now available for $6 for any two sandwiches.

According to Thrillist, the promotion was reduced from Two for $6 to $5 in 2020. This could imply that the cheaper version of the offer might reappear in the future for a brief period of time.

While many customers acknowledge that inflation is at work, a recent Reddit thread discussing the new Two for $6 bargain revealed that they are concerned about the promotion's long-term effects for the business.

The quality of Burger King's food, according to some consumers, isn't even worth the extra 50 cents per sandwich, so they simply won't pay any more for it.

As part of the offer, the chain also eliminated Chicken Fries, which it replaced with the recently introduced Impossible King Sandwich, a plant-based sandwich.

Burger King is hardly the only chain raising prices while forgoing discount offers. The cost of fast food menus has generally been rising consistently.

Compared to the same period last year, Wendy's prices have increased by 6% since March, McDonald's by 8% since April, Chipotle by 10% since February, and Starbucks by a staggering 20%.

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