Coca-Cola Just Debuted A New Summer Soda Flavor

This year, one of America's most recognisable brands has changed things up significantly. new drinks are introduced while others are discontinued.

Keeping up with all the changes has been challenging. The soda manufacturer most recently added the "pop" to popstar, a first in the 130 years it has sold malted beverages.

As a result of a partnership with EDM musician Marshmello, Coca-Cola is introducing a new strawberry and watermelon beverage to its range.

The mixture is a limited-edition flavour for the summer that was created using the celebrity's favourite flavours as inspiration.

Despite the fact that corporations are increasingly using these kinds of marketing initiatives, this is the first time Coke has collaborated with a celebrity.

On this limited-edition release, working with Coca-Cola was fantastic. Developed a vibey combination of tastes for this brand-new mix.

Coca-Cola Creations incorporated a QR code related to AI technology into Marshmello's most recent song to promote the release.

The celebrity collaboration is only one of several deviations from the soft drink industry giant's routine operations. The soda company has experimented with making mixed drinks.

Later this year, it also intends to release a "Fresca Mixed" to go along with its MolsonCoors-produced Topo Chico Hard Seltzers and Simply Spiked Lemonade.

Coke tested Starlight, a space-themed soft drink addition to its lineup, in February. Starlight apparently tasted like cotton candy and vanilla before Coke started combining with alcohol.

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