Coca-Cola Is Launching Several New Flavors

While expanding its market with new products, celebrity collaborations, and even a ground-breaking new coffee maker, Coca-Cola hasn't forgotten about its other cherished soda brands.

For its Fanta line, it is currently developing some cutting-edge new tastes, albeit it is not yet known what they will taste like.

Coca-Cola has announced a mysterious launch of limited-edition mystery drinks it is referring to as "What the Fanta?! (WTF)" in a somewhat baffling release of new Fanta tastes.

Bright blue, green, peach, and orange hues will be present in the new Fanta varieties, but the flavours and colours are designed to deceive the senses.

Fans are encouraged to guess the flavours, which will be disguised as a mystery of intricate nuances.

The blue zero-sugar flavour, which will be available to taste-test and guess at until early in 2023, will launch the new Fanta lineup.

In the months to come, additional mystery flavours will make their debut in grocery stores and Coca-Cola Freestyle fountain dispensers after the blue release.

As new drinks are introduced, the brand guarantees that the flavours will be introduced in fun ways for fans.

With the "What the Fanta" campaign, we've given our customers the chance to participate in a national guessing game and have them interact with each other while trying out new, strong flavours.

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