Controversial Costco Employee Rules

1. There's a strength and age requirement.

Costco takes itself in being inclusive and diverse, but due to the inherent dangers of the job, two exceptions must be made.

2. Employees that man the front doors have to keep track of how many people are entering the store.

3. Some food handling rules are next-level strict.

If you work with food at Costco, whether in the food court or in the back prepared food section, you must comply by all of these rules and regulations.

4. All floor employees have power over membership cards.

Costco memberships are valid for a year, however any Costco employee can cancel your privileges at any time.

5. The employees are forced to constantly throw out food.

When it comes to food waste, it's not just confined to the food court. Costco's famous rotisserie chickens are only permitted to be out for two hours at the most.

6. All food workers must have spotless fingers.

Employees should wash their hands and wear gloves when handling food, and these practises are not uncommon.

7. Product constantly has to be moved around.

A "treasure hunt" effect is created by asking Costco personnel to move things around, making customers walk and shop all around the store in search of what they're looking for.

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