Costco Bakery Late Summer Item

Although summer officially began on June 21, Costco moves rapidly and has already received things for fall and Halloween in its warehouses.

However, for those who aren't in the mood for a PSL just yet, there's no need to worry. Just walk to the bakery section where a fan-favorite dessert is returning in time for late summer feasts.

Like other bakery goods, the raspberry crumble cookies come and go throughout the year. However, several members have seen the 12-packs for sale once more.

We haven't seen this particular item in the Costco bakery in a while, with its butter cookies covered with powdered sugar and filled with raspberry filling.

In the spring of 2021, the box cost $8.99 and could fit 12 people, but if you go to the warehouse right now, the price is $3 more.

When they were $8.99, they were pricey, according to a Costco member who commented on the page. "It's now $11.99! That's crazy!

This bakery dish is well-known for how long it may last when frozen, despite the greater price. It is frequently advised to reheat food in the oven, and despite the price rise, each serving still costs about $1.

The cost of other supermarket items has also recently increased. As monthly inflation increases, everything is becoming more expensive, including dry pasta, dairy products, and meat.

Be prepared for price increases at the grocery store in the near future. Companies like PepsiCo claim they are being forced to increase prices and reduce the number of products they pack in order to cover the cost of production.

The day after the Fourth of July, members were shocked to see that the prices of two food court menu items, the Chicken Bake and Pepsi, had increased.

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