Costco Perk Only In Some States Car Wash

Numerous tasks can be completed during a trip to Costco. In addition to stocking up on inexpensive bulk foods,

In addition, they can refill at the gas station, look for trip specials, print photos, book eye exams, pick up prescriptions, buy insurance, and do so much more.

In a post on June 20 that included a picture as evidence, one Reddit user screamed, "Costco has carwashes?!" after learning about the service.

In fact, Costco offers a car wash service. However, there are now only 12 in use among a few states.

In addition to one each in Boise, Idaho, and Seattle, Washington, there are six of them in California, two each in Arizona and Tennessee, and only one in Boise. The service has been considered a close-kept Costco secret due of its limited availability across the country.

At these specific locations, Costco car washes are open every day of the week and only have one package option with a cost of $7.99.

This includes a wash and wax for the exterior, tyre shine and wheel cleaner, wash and rust inhibitor for the underbelly, and a spot-free rinse.

Additionally, the car wash makes use of Envirosoft foam brushes, which create a swirling vortex of fabric strips to help remove any stuck-on dirt. Another recently introduced feature is ceramic protective coating.

However, there are no interior cleaning or detailing services offered, and other users on the Reddit thread highlighted their displeasure over the absence of self-service vacuums alongside the car washes.

Despite this, the vehicle wash's proximity to the Costco warehouses is a convenience. One Reddit member commented that the wash was a "very decent deal," suggesting that the price is comparable to that of the warehouse chain.

The customer said, "It's comparable to the premium vehicle wash ($10-$15) at a basic car wash pricing ($7.99).

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