Costco Pulls Two Drinks Off Shelves

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A recent recall involves over 50 protein items sold at grocery shops around the US that are labelled under various names and may contain germs that can cause vomiting, fever, and urinary tract infections.

However, Costco is warning customers that some were just recently sold in warehouses, so they should exercise extra caution.

On July 29, the food manufacturer Lyons Magnus informed consumers via the FDA website that 53 items may have been contaminated with a variety of uncommon but harmful germs, including Cronobacter sakazakii.

Costco keeps track of every product sold by each member, allowing it to immediately notify customers who bought a certain item if something goes wrong.

The Premier Protein 18-count pack of 11-ounce Vanilla or Café Latte shakes was sold to members between May 1 and July 29, 2022, and they should examine the package.

This recall only applies to Premier Protein smoothies with the initials BT in the product code. Check the lot number on your package to see if the product you have is affected.

The warning for the protein drink states which is visible on the exterior case or the top of the shake carton.

Avoid using any recalled products and send them back to your local Costco for a full refund.

The Glucerna shakes in Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry are the other beverage brand that has been damaged. At Costco, the 8-ounce cartons are sold in 24-packs.

Check here for specific lot and UPC codes if you bought any of the three varieties between June 6 and July 27.

According to Lyons Magnus, this recall affects a total of 53 food items from 12 different brands, including the two mentioned above. Others include Stumptown, Aloha, Intelligentsia, Oatly, MRE, and numerous others.

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