Costco Stocked With Tampons 

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It seems like news of another supermarket item swiftly disappearing from shelves and becoming practically impossible to locate is being reported every day.

Shortages have affected products in every section of the grocery store, starting with toilet paper at the beginning of the pandemic and moving forward to the current problems with baby formula supplies.

The most recent issue is the lack of tampons in the feminine hygiene section, which is hurting women all around the nation. The knowledge that Costco outlets still allow for stocking up would please customers.

The tampon shortage has been in the news recently, but online forums and websites like Reddit have been buzzing about it for months.

According to the research, supply chain problems have coincided with rising tampon demand, which has reportedly increased 7.7 percent for the Tampax brand over the last two years.

Other medical goods deemed necessary during the epidemic also frequently include materials like the cotton and plastic used to create tampons.

According to information provided to CNET, retailers like Walgreens and CVS acknowledged having shortages of several tampon brands.

Tampon costs have also increased, with one 18-count package of tampons on the market costing as much as $114.

One Instagram account shared the word that tampons are still easily accessible at Costco while women struggle to obtain the in-demand item.

An image of three bulk tampon boxes from a Costco location in Pacoima, Los Angeles, was posted by the account @CostcoSisters, which is dedicated to posting sales and interesting findings at the wholesale shop.

Tampax Pearl Advanced Grip Tampons in super or standard sizes are available at Costco in 96-count packs for $17.49 each.

These kinds can also be ordered online, and the supermarket delivery service Instacart offers two-day delivery options as well as same-day delivery.

The L. brand 100% Organic Cotton Core Tampons are an additional choice. Select Costco locations, including the one in Los Angeles, sell this box of 76 for $12.99.

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