Costco, Walmart, Kroger, and Others Lied About Coffee, Lawsuit Says

There are numerous variables that can influence the decision while choosing coffee at the grocery store.

For those who like a nice cup of coffee, the roast, the amount of caffeine, whether or not it is organic, and the place of origin of the bean are all factors that affect the flavour and, ultimately, a purchase.

A lawsuit claims that some customers may have been misled about the origin of this coffee.

In response to a class action lawsuit alleging they misrepresented the provenance of their coffee when they said it came from the Kona region, supermarket chain Kroger and the Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee Co. have agreed to pay a combined settlement of $14.3 million "typical supermarket coffee.

The complaint included Costco, Amazon, World Market, Walmart, and Safeway as defendants. Similar claims had previously been settled for a total of over $13 million by Costco and TJX in a settlement.

Kona coffee, which originates from Hualalai and Mauna Loa in Hawaii, costs extra at the grocery store.

Only 1% of the coffee beans harvested worldwide are used to make this coffee, which costs 25 cents per cup when prepared at home. This coffee is significantly more expensive than the usual cup of coffee, which costs between 16 and 18 cents.

The coffee is believed to be best when properly prepared and obtained from the area "while delicate, it has a strong flavour and aroma.

Coffee farmers who worked between February 2015 and 2022 will benefit from the settlement. The claim in the case is that the farmers suffered because they had to sell their goods for less money and that the fake beans hurt the area's reputation.

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